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Using the WordPress platform, we can build a website customized for you with your information, links, and pictures.

You would choose your own domain name from available names.



Standard costs typically include:

Yearly Web Hosting fees $75 to $300, depending on hosting package

Yearly Domain registration fee $15

Yearly Security Certificate Fee (SSL) $40

In addition, there are costs such as setup and maintenance which vary, depending on each specific client’s design specifications.  They include:

Initial setup costs – ask for estimate.  These depend on the type of website, number of pages, and complexity of the features, themes, and plugins.  Also if you have previously had a domain and data which need to be migrated into your new site, the time and effort involved in interacting with your previous hosting company need to be considered.  We encourage 100% client participation by interacting with you at each step of the development process, to ensure your satisfaction. The more prepared the client is in assessing needs and budget, as well as what features you would like to incorporate in your site, the faster and easier the planning process will go.  Estimates will be provided of the number of hours and behind-the-scenes work needed to plan each section of the site and understand how they will be integrated with each other.  An assortment of tools, services, and options will be discussed with the client, then narrowed down specific to your needs.  Once you agree to the costs, a down payment will be made and the software, theme, and plugins will be selected, installed, and updated, so the work of customizing your website with your pictures, information, links, and services can begin.  Meetings with the client will be held as needed for your approval of the work until the website is completed.

Website Maintenance – ask for estimate.  Website maintenance is not just limited to the initial design and development.  The WordPress software itself is a constantly changing engine which also requires frequent software, theme, and plugin updates for security and compatibility.  Also as your company continues to grow, it is normal for you to have periodic employee and service updates.

Free website development training is also offered to you or a member of your staff, at no cost, on how to edit and update your website as often as you like, if you would like the ability to control your own website!